Dear Parents:

You have the awesome responsibility of helping your child build his or her faith life! Believe it or not, you don’t have to “know everything” in order to help your child grow in faith. The truth is, no matter how old we are or how much we know, we are always learning and growing. And the best way we can help our children grow in faith is to live out our faith alongside them. Worshiping together as a family is a vital part of the faith journey, and this church family is here to help you!

Children of all ages are always welcome in worship here!

1. Nursery Care is available for children ages 0-4.
2. Family Friendly Area is near the Live Oak entrance. You’ll find books, activities, and crayons which can help a child concentrate during worship. If your child needs some wiggle room, he or she is welcome to grab a rug and sit quietly on the floor in this area. Parents, please stay in this area so that you can supervise your child(ren).
3. Children’s Moment is offered during the 10:30am service, typically following the “Prayers of the People.”
4. Holy Communion is on first Sundays during the 10:30am service, and every Sunday during the 8:00am service. You and your child(ren) are both encouraged to take part in this Holy Sacrament. All are welcome to receive the bread and the cup. We offer these gifts of grace in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is not the United Methodist table, nor First United Methodist Church’s table. This is the table of the Living God.

First Learning Tree Daycare / Preschool

Our purpose at First Learning Tree is to foster both intellectual
and spiritual development in young children.


Our Mission is to support families as they grow in Christ by providing children with empathy, love, and Biblical teaching in a safe environment.
We lookforward to seeing you and your children on Sunday morning!
Childcare Staff:
Sheree Standefer (Childcare Coordinator) 
Lynn Simpson


What ages of children can go to the Nursery?
Our Childcare Staff is dedicated to caring for your children ages 0-4 while you attend worship and Sunday School classes.
Where is the Nursery?
Our address is 801 E. Main St, between Live Oak and Church St. The easiest way to find us is to park on the back side of the church (where First Learning Tree preschool is), and as you walk toward the church you will pass through a grey metal gate. Enter the first door on your right (across from the small outside play area), and the Nursery is the first door on your right.
What is your Sign-In / Sign-Out Procedure?
For your child’s safety, we use a sticker sign-in / sign-out procedure. You will complete the top section of the sticker and place it on your child’s back. There is another section to place on your child’s bag if they have one. The third section goes with you, and you will need to provide that when you come back to pick up your child.
What information do you need from me?
On your first visit, we will ask you to complete a family registration form.
Do I have to take my children to the Nursery during the worship service?
Of course not! Children are always welcome in worship here.