Small Group Bible Studies

Following John Wesley’s model, Pastor Frank is challenging us to start meeting in small group Bible Studies.  Please prayerfully consider committing about 1 hour a week for your spiritual enrichment and to build up the body of Christ. Groups of 4-8 people will be formed according to day/time preferences.
To get started with a small group, click the below button and complete the survey.

Mid-Week Reflection Bible Study

Tuesday, @ 11:00 a.m.

Join Pastor Frank in person in the Youth/Rec Room (please wear your mask) or online via Zoom for Mid-week Reflection Bible study.
If you are prompted for a Meeting ID or Passcode please use the following:
Meeting ID: 831 1146 2725
Passcode: 475027
If you do not already have Zoom installed on your computer or mobile device clicking the link above will allow you to download and run a one-time program specifically for connecting to our online Bible study. (If you do already have Zoom, there is a link on the “Join Zoom Meeting” page to launch the program and join the study automatically.)
Discussion Questions for the week of September 7

How is your soul?  What are your spiritual struggles and successes?
Questions for Luke 5:1-16

  1. Picture yourself as Simon. What are you thinking, feeling, and doing in v 1-3?
    1. When Jesus speaks to you directly in v 4? 
    2. Why do you go along with Jesus’ odd request?
  2. How did this miracle affect Simon? Why does this have a more profound effect than the healing of his mother-in-law?
  3. What is he beginning to grasp about Jesus? About sin? About himself? (v 8)
  4. By touching the man with leprosy what is Jesus saying? (v 13)
  5. Why does Jesus try and silence the man healed of leprosy?
  6. In your “fishing business,” how do you see Jesus? a. Interesting and good for spiritual needs, but not practical for the real world  b. Potentially a great business partner  c. The Boss  d. other
  7. When have you felt shunned like a leper? How did Jesus touch you then? Did he use someone in the process?
  8. Who are the lepers in your community, and what would it mean to touch them for Christ?

Online Bible Studies

Hi Church,
I invite you to join me in studying God’s Word online using the You Version Bible app ( Each study begins on a specific date, but you are welcome to start a little earlier or later.  You can read on your own, but when you comment, the whole group can see what you wrote and respond. I hope you will participate, and I pray that you would be blessed with wisdom, growth, and new energy through the study and interaction with God’s word. 

Through Christ Jesus, our Lord, Amen

Frank Baik
4th Quarter, Year One – begins May 31, 2020
3rd Quarter, Year One – begins February 29, 2020

NOTICE: The following classes are not currently meeting due to COVID-19. Please join us for online Bible studies (see above).


Good Ol’ Stories and Brown Bags Bible Study

Mondays at 11:00 a.m., in the Youth / Rec Room

We invite you to join us on Mondays, beginning Jan. 6th @ 11:00 a.m.,  for Bible Study enjoying fresh looks at well known Bible stories.  Using material and DVD’s by Kenneth Bailey, we will re-visit parables and stories familiar to us all as we gain new insight and perspective to what they meant to first century minds. 

For more information contact John Gay.  Bring a lunch and stay awhile!  


Moving Mountains Bible Study

January 15 – March 26 (does not meet Feb 26 or Mar 11)

Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m., in the Conference Room

Join us in this 8-week Bible Study written by John Eldredge, and learn how to pray with passion, confidence, and authority. Facilitated by Shawn and Stefany Simmons.


Martial Arts Discipleship Class

Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m., in the Fellowship Hall

Sensei Frank Baik leads Martial Arts Discipleship classes on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-6:30pm. Anyone six-years-old and up is invited to participate.  Lessons include a warm up, a Bible lesson, and martial arts practice.  A $30.00 per month donation is suggested to help defer costs.  Contact the church office at 361-729-1659 for more information



More Online Bible Studies

2nd Quarter, Year One – begins November 30, 2019
1st Quarter, Year One – begins September 1, 2019