Small Group Bible Studies

Please prayerfully consider committing about 1 hour a week for your spiritual enrichment and to build up the body of Christ. 

Sunday: Moms’ Group with Stefany, 6:30 PM, Rec Rm

Tuesday: Mid-Week Reflection with Pastor Frank, 11 AM, see details below.

Wednesday: Women’s Group with Donna, 1 PM, Fellowship Hall 3/Bistro area

Friday: Bible Study with Pastor Frank, 6 PM, Parsonage, in person or on Zoom – same link listed below.


Mid-Week Reflection Bible Study

Tuesday, @ 11:00 a.m.

Join Pastor Frank in person in the Youth/Rec Room (please wear your mask) or online via Zoom for Mid-week Reflection Bible study.
If you are prompted for a Meeting ID or Passcode please use the following:
Meeting ID: 831 1146 2725
Passcode: 475027
If you do not already have Zoom installed on your computer or mobile device clicking the link above will allow you to download and run a one-time program specifically for connecting to our online Bible study. (If you do already have Zoom, there is a link on the “Join Zoom Meeting” page to launch the program and join the study automatically.)

Discussion Questions for the week of November 22

Questions for: Mark 13:24-37

  1. Did you ever get burned because you stood by the truth, or refused to go along with the crowd?
  2. What made the temple so significant to the disciples? What would its destruction symbolize to them?
  3. What events might deceive the disciples into thinking the end had come? (v 5-8)
  4. Of what will these events be a sign?
  5. How will the Son of man come? (Mk 13:24-27)
  6. What promise does Jesus give in Mk 13:30-31? How would this comfort or discomfort them? What impact does it have on you?
  7. What visions of the past present and future do you see in the various signs? a. Wars and rumors of wars, b. Earthquakes and famines, c. Trials and persecutions, d. family divisions e. world wide evangelism, f. false prophets?
  8. Why has the Father kept the time secret (v 32)? What is the responsibility of believers in the meantime?  
  9. When you see the forces of evil apparently winning, do you feel like withdrawing or jumping into the fray? How does this passage encourage you?
  10. What is the most exciting thing about the second coming? The most distressing? What questions would you like to ask Jesus about it?
  11. How can you fulfill v 34 & 37 “Be on guard” and, “Watch!”

How are you really? What are your struggles and successes this week? What are the Spirit and Scriptures saying to you?


Online Bible Studies

Hi Church,
I invite you to join me in studying God’s Word online using the You Version Bible app ( Each study begins on a specific date, but you are welcome to start a little earlier or later.  You can read on your own, but when you comment, the whole group can see what you wrote and respond. I hope you will participate, and I pray that you would be blessed with wisdom, growth, and new energy through the study and interaction with God’s word. 

Through Christ Jesus, our Lord, Amen

Frank Baik
4th Quarter, Year One – begins May 31, 2020
3rd Quarter, Year One – begins February 29, 2020
2nd Quarter, Year One – begins November 30, 2019
1st Quarter, Year One – begins September 1, 2019