Dear Church:
We invite you to join us for online worship!  Please comment below the video to let us know you’re there!  To see more of our worship videos, please visit our YouTube Channel.


Praise Worship Service

Wednesdays at 7pm

Wednesday Praise Service will now be inside the sanctuary and open to the public, with the following guidelines:
  • wear your mask
  • be prepared to hum instead of singing
  • Use sanitizer
  • maintain physical distance (i.e. refrain from hugging or shaking hands)
  • If you are over age 59 or have any health risks, please consider worshiping online from your home, to protect yourself and others.
All services are being recorded live and streamed to our YouTube channel.  Anyone who prefers to worship from home is encouraged to do so.  

Drive-In Worship Service

Sundays at 10am

Drive-In Worship between the church and First Learning Tree school. (If it rains, you can still show up and we will worship inside the Sanctuary.)  We invite you to join us in your car OR worship from home and watch the LIVE recording on YouTube.  We hope you will join us either way.